Bumper Role

The Bumper is the most important non leadership role in the front of house.  The only way to keep the DT line short is to make sure the DT has the food they need, and that is this persons main role.  This person is in control of the flow of food and they determine when food goes to mobile, on demand, or drive thru.  If sales are below $3200 for DT and speed of service is over 4 minutes, then it my first thought is that the bumper didn't perform as needed.  Great bumpers keep it easy for everyone in the DT.

What is Success?
  1. Delivering the food the DT needs before they need it.  You should never hear the meal delivery person asking for an order.

  2. Making sure that mobile orders are bagged within 5 minutes

  3. Bumping all orders within 2 minutes

What Behaviors Help the Bumper reach those goals?
  1. Bumpers barely bag, they focus on bumping and only bag small orders when they are able to complete the order without delaying the baggers

  2. Keep sticker space full of DT/On Demand Orders

  3. Don’t prioritize mobile orders over DT.  Bag mobiles only when the order(s) can be bagged without causing the DT window to wait for an order at the window. 

  4. Bump Mobiles when the meal delivery table is full of meals.  And hand mobile sticker directly to bagger

  5. When there are bags of food stacking up on the counter, use that as an opportunity to bag multiple mobile/on demand orders in a row.

  6. Make sure that the kitchen has the next orders needed.  And make sure they are in the specials chute in the order they are needed. 

  7. If the specials chute gets too full, it is helpful to gather the special items for the baggers and place them on the counter for the next bagger to use without going to the chute

  8. Move larger than average DT orders and multi seat orders to the front of the sticker line

  9. These orders take longer to take and that means they show up on the screen when the car is closer to the window.  In order to make sure that the meal delivery team has the food before the guest reaches the window, the order must be bagged earlier.

  10. Don’t bump multi seat orders til you can see all of the orders

  11. And keep them together when putting up the stickers

  12. Try and stay out of the baggers way

  13. Ask the lead for a 4th bagger to help you catch up.  4th bagger should bag larger orders only and focus on staying out of the way of the other three.  The other 3 baggers should never feel restricted by the presence of the 4th bagger.

Important Things to Remember
  1. There are 2 metrics which show the bumpers ability.  Speed of service and DT dollars.  The lower the speed of service, the better the bumper.  The higher the DT sales the better the bumper.

  2. Mobile guests get a notification telling them their order is on the way when the order is bumped.  Minimize the time between when the order is bumped and when it is bagged.

  3. Great Bumpers help the bagger and meal delivery team feel like their job is easy.

  4. The role is very nuanced and requires a lot more than just pressing the bump button, don’t fall into the trap of thinking it doesn’t need explanation.  The bumper role is the most important role in the DT.

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