Level 1 Study Guide


This is the information you will need to know before taking the level 1 test. There are two parts to each level test. There is a written portion which is like a high school test. This includes multiple choice questions, matching sections and fill in the blanks. You need to get a 100% to pass. There is no penalty if you don’t pass on your first attempt, and we don’t expect you to pass on the first attempt. We expect you to learn from any incorrect answers then take the test again and repeat as needed. 


The second part of each test is a skills evaluation. This is the subjective part of the test. A leader will evaluate you on skills pertaining to level 1 during a busy hour. This portion is pass/fail and you can retake it at a later time. All level study guides and written/skills tests will follow this format according to each level.


level 1

In addition to the information below, the level 1 test will include information about Stocking, Running, Safety and Security, and the Raving Fan Strategy. Study these as well before taking the test. 


Uniform requirements 

•  Slip-resistant, black shoes

•  Black socks or Chick-fil-A socks

•  Chick-fil-A slacks

•  Chick-fil-A belt 

•  Chick-fil-A blue polo

•  Chick-fil-A name tag

•  A pen 


In addition, females may wear a simple black headband or a Chick-fil-A headband. Both genders may wear Chick-fil-A outerwear including cardigans and jackets. Chick-fil-A hats are not allowed to be worn inside the restaurant. A black or white undershirt may be worn under the polo. 


Hygiene requirements

Male: Hair must be above eyebrows. Hair must not cover ears. Hair must not drop below the collar. 


Female: Hair must be above eyebrows. Hair must not cover ears. If long, hair must be restrained. Nails must be neatly trimmed and if they are painted, the paint cannot be chipped. Fake nails and additional attachments are not allowed. No dangling earrings or earrings with attachments may be worn such as stones or pearls. 

Hygiene requirements of both genders: Bracelets may not be worn, but one

watch is allowed. One ring may be worn on the ring finger. Necklaces may not be visible if worn. Three earrings may be worn anywhere in each ear. One nose piercing is allowed in the side of the nose. All jewelry needs to be modest in nature and worn in good taste.



The responsibility of a stocker is to make sure all areas are fully stocked. They must check in with the drive thru, follow their indicators, check fridges, and make lemonades and teas. Before a rush, the stocker should ensure all items are stocked. The items that need to be stocked most frequently are teas, lemonades, and ice. The four most important items to stock after a rush are teas, lemonade, ice and ice cream. A team member who is in the prep position should be filling all needed items so they do not need to be re-stocked during the next peak period. Ask a leader where the stocking list is located to find out more information about what items need to be stocked.



F.I.F.O. stands for First In First Out. Based off of this principle, the stocker should rotate the stock to ensure guest are getting the best quality items.


Bulk products 

•  Lemonade: 2 qt lemon juice, 8 qt filtered water, 7 cups sugar

•  Diet lemonade: 2 qt lemon juice, 8 qt filtered water, 1 pouch Splenda

•  Sweet tea: brewed tea, 6 cups sugar

•  Iced coffee: Full batch: 16 oz iced coffee base, 6 qt water 

          Half batch: 8 oz iced coffee base, 3 qt water

Iced coffee is servable for 48 hours. Sweet tea and unsweetened tea are discarded at the end of the day. Regular lemonade is servable for 24 hours. Diet lemonade is discarded at the end of the day.


Runner/front counter 2nd bagger

The runner/2nd bagger uses the name and the table marker to find guests in the dining room and patio area. The goal of this position is to prevent the bagger from having to stop assembling meals. 

Roles of position

Checks for accuracy

Makes desserts and specialty drinks

Gets cold stuff from fridges 

Makes drinks and helps assemble mobile orders

Call mobile order guests if they do not collect their food after they have processed their payment and picked a curbside spot on the app