COVID-19 Updates

Here you will find all the daily COVID-19 updates. Use this page to stay up to date with all operational changes 

UPDATE 1:00p.m. May 1st

Discontinuing acceptance of Apple & Android Pay:

We will no longer be accepting Apple & Android Pay.

Taking payment at the window significantly slows our operation and we currently don't have the technology to execute this payment method well. If a guest's only form of payment is digital encourage the guest to place a mobile drive-thru or curbside order as they can use digital payment options via the Chick-fil-A App. 

Ensure to include this information during walk-ons because the iPOS orders need to relay this message to guests before they the guests arrives at the window. 

Bumper Role:

What is Success? 

  1. Delivering the food the DT needs before they need it

  2. Making sure that mobile orders are bagged within 3 minutes

  3. Bumping all orders within 1 minute

What behaviors help the Bumper reach those goals?

  1. Keep sticker space full of DT/On Demand Orders

  2. Bump Mobiles when the meal delivery table is full of meals

    1. And hand mobile sticker directly to bagger

  3. Move larger than average DT orders and multi seat orders to the front of the sticker line

    1. These orders take longer to take and that means they show up on the screen when the car is closer to the window.  In order to make sure that the meal delivery team has the food before the guest reaches the window, the order must be bagged earlier.

  4. Don’t bump multi seat orders til you can see all of the orders

    1. And keep them together when putting up the stickers

  5. Try and stay out of the baggers way

  6. If there are bags of food stacking up on the counter, use that as an opportunity to bag multiple mobile/on demand orders in a row.

  7. Bumpers barely bag, they focus on bumping and only bag small orders when they are able to complete the order without delaying the baggers


Things to remember

  1. Mobile guests get a notification telling them their order is on the way when the order is bumped.  Minimize the time between when the order is bumped and when it is bagged.

  2.  Great Bumpers help the bagger and meal delivery team feel like their job is easy.

  3. The role is very nuanced and requires a lot more than just pressing the bump button, don’t fall into the trap of thinking it doesn’t need explanation

UPDATE 11:00a.m. April 28th

Cones and Menus:

To simplify the process of putting out all the cones we now have specified places to put the cones.

White X's are for White Cones

Orange X's are for Orange Cones

Blue X's are for Menus

To store cones there are now cables with combo locks around 2 light poles.  One light pole near the DT exit, the other in the main parking lot median nearest the canopy.  The can be used to store cones overnight to save time to setup and take down.

UPDATE 10:00a.m. April 24th


This most recent payroll we were able to pay a some one time bonuses.  The amount of the bonus was based largely on hours worked beginning March 16th with a deduction taken for bonus sick time already paid. Bonus sick pay ensures that people get paid while sick or staying home to keep others safe, and the bonus ensures that people who work get paid too.  In other words, if you have already used bonus sick time, then you have already received a bonus. 


As long as we continue to have enough business to support current staffing levels we can continue to pay a monthly bonus.  It is entirely possible that sales begin to dip as people who are out of work burn thru their savings.  If this does happen, I wont be able to continue the bonus program, but i can commit to not cutting hours for at least 2 months.  If you have any questions please let Gabby or Adam know.

UPDATE 10:00a.m. April 22nd

Team Members should start parking according to the Map below.  The goal with this is to keep all parked DT orders and Mobile Orders close together in the same space to make it easier to find them when they cant park in the main lot.  Thanks for your help!

UPDATE 10:00a.m. April 21st

Health and Safety Processes:
There are few new processes that we have already been implementing.  The newest one is temperature screening all team members before they start their shift.  Others we have already implementing include: staying 6 feet from cars when taking their order, using trays to deliver meals, using gloves and masks at all times, washing hands every 30 minutes, disinfecting high touch surfaces every 30 minutes, only having one person touch cash, having guests swipe their own cards, and using the outside hand washing station.  Please continue to follow these rules as they keep us and our guests safe

Parking Car Process:
Cars should always be parked on the walmart side of the parking lot and they should always be given a car hat.  Specifically, have them park in the far spots next to the hillside.  The pusher and window person should right the car description and car hat number on the white board above the DT window.  They should erase this when the food gets brought to the car.  When there are outside meal delivery people, one of them should deliver to the parked car, even if there is only one person outside.  
Outside Window Role:
When there is only one person outside the window, the one person should act just like they would if they were inside the window.  This means no moving a car to the end of the DT lane.  The one person outside the window should simply find the tray with the food and turn and pass it to the car.
With multiple people outside the window, food should always be delivered between the DT exit and the DT window.  Each meal delivery person should determine the next car in line, go and greet the customer, get their name, and tell them you will deliver there food at the stop sign and they should drive past the window.  Then the meal delivery person should get the food from the table and deliver to the car.  If the food isnt ready, the person should wait at the window til the food is ready.

Cars should still be parked.  the car has about 30 seconds from the time it reaches the stop sign.  if it will take longer, then they should be parked.

Where to Place Dessert/Drink Orders:
Stickers for dessert/drink only orders should be placed on the corner of the counter next to the cash register in the DT.  look for the white sticker.  This will help the pusher/window to see the order earlier.

Bumping Stickers First, Then Bag from Sticker:
When bagging, the orders should be bumped from the screen in groups, then bagged directly from the sticker.  This reduces time spent looking at the screen.  One important thing to note with this:  make sure to bag DT orders first.  We do not want to make the DT wait while we bag Mobile Orders or On Demand Orders.  It is important to make sure that the DT has the food they need before starting on the mobile orders.  if too many mobile orders are bagged at the same time, then the DT runs out of food.  

One last thing about mobile orders, try not to bump them too early.  The guest gets a message that their food is ready when we bump the order.  they expect us to bring it out once we bump the order.

New Local Item Buttons:
We have two new local item buttons.  There is a Salad Bowl button that lets us know we need to include a salad bowl/lid with the order.  The cost of the bowl/lid is $1.99.  the goal with this is to discourage people requesting the bowls.  

We also have an oversize/walkup button.  this is for large vehicles or walkup orders taken by the DT order takers.  this button lets the baggers know that the guest is in front of hte building, not in the DT line.

New locations for Prep items in cooler:
The cold prep items in the front counter coolers have been rearranged as of the 17th of April.  The goal is to use the cooler in front of the DT bagging monitor less often because it is pretty congested over there.  Please keep items in their marked places.

Dining Room Shelf:
The large shelf in the Dining Room is there to hold all the most needed items close by.  there should be 6 cfa sauces, and two of the other sauces (1 of sriracha).  it should also have bags, napkins, cup carriers and kids toys.  Please use these first and remember to restock after lunch

Coffee Urns in DT:
Since we only have DT open in the morning, it makes sense to move one coffee urn and the coffee cups to the DT drinks area.  Please do this to make it easier for the order taker.

UPDATE 10:00a.m. April 9th

IceDream Cones:
We will no longer be serving ice cream cones.  The goal is to reduce the possibility of contamination.  We dont know how long this will last, but it will last for the duration of the COVID-19 situation.  We are still serving ice cream in cups.

Milkshakes: Large Kale Crunch:
We will no longer serve milkshakes with whipped cream and cherry.  We will use the dome lid to spin the shake, then replace the dome lid with a flat lid.  Again, the idea here is to reduce possibilities of contamination and like ice cream this is a relatively easy thing we can do.
Large Kale Crunch:
We will also no longer be serving the Large Kale Crunch.  This is an off menu item that we have been serving, but because it is off menu, there is no bowl that is designed to fit the product.  This has resulted in us using a bowl that makes the Large Kale Crunch look under portioned.  And as you can imagine we were receiving lots of complaints due to the apparent size.  If a guest wants a larger size Kale Crunch, we will offer to sell them a second medium.  This is roughly the same portion as the large.

Face Coverings:
Face Coverings are required to be worn by all team members who interact with the public.  On April 11, face coverings will need to be worn by any team member in the view of the guest.  These face coverings must tightly cover the nose and mouth.  We must also take care to not be constantly touching our face coverings, because that simply increases the potential spread.  and we must wash our hands before and after touching our face masks.

Don't forget that this is a great time to learn a little bit more about managing money.  We are lucky in that we have not had to close or reduce hours.  And I know I am spending less money because i cant go anywhere.  This sounds like a great time to save.  SmartDollar can help you learns strategies and skills to better manage your money, both now and in the future.

UPDATE 4:00p.m. March 27th

Handling Large Vehicles:
Occasionally we run into large vehicles that dont fit in the Drive Thru.  Feel free to encourage those guests to find a parking spot and have an outside order taker take their order carside.  This same process could apply to people on bikes, or on foot.

Updated Drinks 3 Role: New Custom Routes:
We created a new custom route with the goal to help divide the drinks role during the peak hours.  The new route puts all the desserts from Drive Thru and all of the drinks and desserts from mobile and on demand orders on the drinks 3 screen.  this helps lighten the load on the main 2 drinks people. 

New Custom Routes:
We have added a few new custom routes to use to route orders according to how we have staffed the restaurant.  They should be pretty self explanatory.

UPDATE 1:00p.m. March 25th



  • Goal to ensure that the inside, outside and mobile parts of the business run in harmony

  • Provides support and guidance to the inside and outside leads

  • Ensures that Mobile and On Demand customers are served quickly and correctly

  • Ensures that breaks are taken at appropriate times

  • Makes sure that the division of labor between inside, outside, mobile and support tasks is correct for the current situation

Outside Lead:

  • Goal is to make sure there are never more than 2 cars whose order hasnt been taken.

  • Ensure Order Takers are taken care of and safe: Give them breaks to wash hands and disinfect equipment.  Run their 10s

  • Help as order taker when needed

  • Solve Problems for Order Takers such as credit card reader or printer disconnecting.

  • Communicates information from the inside to the order takers.  Order takers dont need walkie talkies because the outside lead communicates everything directly to them.

  • Helps make sure that gaps are closed and orders are taken accurately

  • Makes sure the Order Takers have everything they need.  

  • Works with PIC to make sure Order Takers have anything they need

Inside Lead:​​

  • Goal is to help make sure that the food always beats the car to the window.

  • Fills the next needed role.  Example, if you have 18 people, then they fill in role 19.

  • Solves problems and helps with communication

  • Reminds team of small changes: bag from sticker, where to place mobiles, etc

  • Keep team focused

  • Solves any problems that their team brings up.

  • Help stock DT

  • Works with PIC to make sure Inside Team has everything they need

UPDATE 3:00p.m. March 24th

Operational Adjustments:

  • Bathrooms must be open as long as the business is open

  • Parking Spaces now are numbered for use with Mobile Curbside

  • Remember not to lend out the Catering Coolers to minimize risk

  • Our goal is to deliver On Demand Orders to the table outside the front door.  Place the meal and drink on the table and let the Driver pick it up from the table.

  • There are white cones by the single entrance door.  Those are for use near the DT window only.  Not for traffic control

UPDATE 11:00a.m. March 24th

Roles Updates:


  • We will use 4 baggers during peak hours

  • Bag from Stickers, not from Screen:  This improves communication with multiple baggers.  Check for items first, then print sticker, then bag from sticker

  • Place Mobile and On Demand Orders in front of FC Condiments:  This allows them to be reached by the pusher if needed in DT or by the Mobile Runner if they are delivered to the front door.

Drinks 3/Desserts:

  • Desserts, Apple Juice, OJ, Milks, Diet Lemonade, Iced Coffee:  Everything that is found on the right side of the icedream machine.  Goal to keep drinks 1 and 2 in place.


  • Assemble Drink, Straw, and Food for Window

  • Place Orders in same spot each time

  • Look for the next car in line.  Look as third car becomes the second car. 

  • The best pushers always know what the second car in line is before it gets to the second place.

  • If food is not bagged yet, communicate next car with Baggers and get sauces

  • Decide when to park cars

  • Make sure parked cars get their order

Mobile Runner 1 & 2

  • Deliver food to guests (Mobile, On Demand, or Parked Cars)

  • Help Stock

UPDATE 9:00a.m. March 23rd

Extra Cleaning Tasks:

  • Detailing all dining room tables, booths, and chairs.  Even check the underside of the tables.  These could be really focused on

  • Detailing the playland.  Really making sure the space inside is perfect, including the cracks between parts on the slide.  And also cleaning the top of the structure and the ceiling from all the dust

UPDATE 3:00p.m. March 18th

Sales trends:

Overall sales have been down about 20%, but there is a large amount of variation in that number each hour.  Mornings are very slow til about 9am.  Lunch and just after lunch is busy.  Between 1-5pm is the busier than before.  5-730pm is slower than before.  After 730pm it slows down a lot. 


  • Mobile and On Demand Orders Staged in front of FC Sauces

  • Most parking spots now have a mobile order number attached to them.  Customers will enter the space number when they arrive.  We can deliver to that specific space.

  • On Demand Orders should be delivered to a table placed outside the front door.  Avoid handing the food to the driver to prevent potential contamination.

  • Order takers should constantly rotate inside to wash hands and disinfect equipment. At least every 30 minutes.

  • We will need lots of order takers

  • We have added 6 battery packs to help keep stuff charged.  They should be kept in the white cabinet and charged using the white ipad charging blocks.

  • We have created an on demand button under local items for use if on demand drivers come thru DT to pick up orders

  • All orders will show up on DT Bagging Screen.  There are new Custom Routes (DT Only, DT Only Breakfast, DT Only Peak Hour)

  • If overstaffed, find stuff to clean

  • Every hour will be like a lunch/dinner hour in the DT

  • Sales start to pick up around 9am, so any cleaning tasks need to wrapped up by 9am

  • The extra Dining Room trash cans have been moved to the storage container

  • Cold items like fruit cups, salads, and even drinks will be moved to improve flow and to ensure proper rotation.

  • Only the Purell surface sanitizer spray and the orange disinfectant are effective at killing viruses.  All other sanitizers are formulated for bacteria.

  • Catering Coolers should be allowed to leave the building.  This is to prevent potential contamination

  • We have white delineators to use for expediting orders outside the DT window