Operator Led Delivery FAQs

Q: When are we starting Operator Led Delivery?

A: June 1st!

Q: Can I be a driver?

A: Yes! You must meet a few requirements though.

1) 18+ years of age 

2) Team Leader or higher

3) Have a valid Drivers License 

4) Pass a Background check

5) Personal car available for use (in case we run      out of company cars)

6) Personal Insurance coverage

Q: How to I start my application process? 

A: Email Bree with your Driver License Number and your middle name! breelynpratt@cfaoceanside.com

Q: Do drivers get tipped?

A: You bet! You get to keep 100% of tips you get!

Q: Is the driver just another FOH position? 

A: Kind of! You'll get scheduled for a driver shift as opposed to a FOH shift. When you don't have any deliveries, you will be a floater up front helping where needed

Q: I have a question that wasn't answered here, who should I ask? 

A: Email the marketing team at marketing@cfaoceanside.com so we can post in here for everyone else!

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