Patrick was on window during the evening shift. He came back from a ten minute break directly after we were dealing with issues at the window. We had some ten orders backed up waiting to go out. Patrick, while doing cash in the window, pushed out all the orders within five - eight minutes. I was extremely impressed with his speed and precision, all while giving great customer service to our guests. Nice job Patrick!

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New Team Members

"I'm so proud of all of the new team members! You guys have picked up on things so quick, keep up the great work!"

Canaan Slevinsky

"For their amazing hard work and dedication. They understand the needs and goals of the business and strive to always deliver excellent quality not only when bagging and double checking fries to look


Bree is always willing to serve others and lend a helping hand. She maintains a positive attitude at all times! You have a positive influence over our team. Thanks for all that you do!

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