Remodel Updates

9/1/2021 -  Access Quarry Creek HotSchedules 

How to re-access Quarry Creek HotSchedules

Simply log out of HotSchedules; see steps below

  1. Log out of your Quarry Creek access on HotSchedules & select forgot username.

  2. You will then be prompted to enter your email and given the option to choose your account (select CFA Quarry Creek FSU)

  3. Your username will be emailed to you, copy that user name and in HotSchedules choose forgot password. 


Cómo volver a acceder Quarry Creek HotSchedules

Simplemente cierre su sesión en HotSchedules; pasos a continuación.

  1. Cierre la sesión de su acceso a Quarry Creek en Hotschedules y seleccione el nombre de usuario olvidado.

  2. Se le pedirá que ingrese su correo electrónico y se le dará la opción de eliegir su cuenta (seleccione CFA Quarry Creek FSU)

  3. Su nombre de usuario le será enviado por correo electrónico, copie ese nnobre de usuario y en HotSchedules elija que se le olvido la contraseña.  


5/31/2021 - HotSchedules and Availability 


Your availability should mirror your current availability as much as possible. San Marcos and Escondido have seen quite a few availabilities come in that are quite restrictive. If you are not available evenings and weekends, they will not have a ton of hours to give. 

Regarding the restaurant you were initially assigned, as of now San Marcos and Escondido will not be changing assigned restaurant that you have been onboarded to. This is where we have to be flexible and hopefully there will be an opportunity to revisit this in the near future. 


Everyone should be hired at their assigned locations. For those that have not successfully accessed HotSchedules below is a workaround.

  1. Log out of your Quarry Creek access on HotSchedules & select forgot username.

  2. You will then be prompted to enter your email and given the option to choose your account (i.e. CFA San Marcos FSU or CFA Quarry Creek FSU)

  3. Once you obtain your new username via email, copy that username                    and in HotSchedules choose forgot password.                                                        This will allow you to set up HotSchedules for your second location.


5/24/2021 - A Message from Adam and Store Assignments

5/14/2021 - FAQs

1) How will the scheduling work at the new location?

It should be very similar to our current system.  I believe all the other restaurants use hotschedules, so you will input availability and requests into the system once they input you into the system.  I would expect some small differences, so be prepared to learn about when you go thru their orientation.

2) Can we pick up shifts at the other location?  

Yes.  Specifics around this may differ depending on the location and will be communicated by that location.

3) Will the other location work with my availability?

I cant speak specifically for them, however, because they will have a lot of support from Quarry Creek Team Members and you only need half the hours you would normally need, i don't see any issues meeting your availability.

4) Are my hours guaranteed?

I would not expect your hours to be guaranteed.  Just as here, the more value to bring to the organization the more you can expect to receive the hours you need.  Show up on time, work hard, care for each other and the guests and they will be essentially guaranteed.

5) How many hours should I be expected to work?

The other locations will schedule based on need.  The busier they get when we close, the more hours they will need.  In order for you to earn the same amount as currently, you will have to work half the normal amount of hours.  

6) What is the hiring process like?

There will not be any interviews, but there will be paperwork.  Paperwork will include tax forms, employment eligibility forms, and certain other forms similar to when you were hired at this location.  

7) Will there be a training process?

The current plan is to have an orientation, but nothing more official than that.  It is important to remember that we are visitors and only there for the short term.  There may be things they do different that frustrate you.  We need to give a lot of grace for those.  There may also be things they do better, lets remember those so we can improve once we reopen.

8) Can we continue to level up as we do here?

To Be Determined.  My goal is to find a way for this to happen.  However, being that we are visitors it may be impossible to make this happen.  This largely depends on how busy our neighbor restaurants are after we close.  The busier they are, the more opportunity there will be for us to do things like level up.  We are busier than our neighboring restaurants, so things could be noticeably different which would also complicate the level up process.

9) How likely are we to get our first choice of location?

My goal is to get everyone their first choice, however if more people choose one location than available opportunities at that location, we will have to give some people their second choice.  My goal is that we never have to go to the third choice.

10) What will my wage be?

Your wage from our neighbor restaurant will be $15/hr.  Any wages above $15/hour will be paid by Adam from Quarry Creek in the same way you currently receive your paycheck.  Here is where it gets complicated.  Once you work your baseline hours, I am not able to pay the difference between $15 and your current wage.  In other words, you should expect to receive your regular wage up to your average weekly hours worked, then $15/hr for any hours worked above that.  You should expect to receive two paychecks each payroll.  One from Quarry Creek, and one from the other restaurant.  Please know that this could cause your taxes to be withheld at a lower rate than is actually due.  

11) Will you be able to input my hours from both restaurants on the same payroll?

Due to the time sensitive nature of completing payroll, we will not be able to perfectly match hours from both locations on the same payroll, so we will have to do it on a bit of a lag.  The first paycheck of the remodel will include the full amount of the bonus hours and additional hourly income even if you haven't worked enough to earn it all.  This will ensure the first paycheck is complete.  Each subsequent payroll will adjust based on actual earnings, so the second paycheck and beyond may be a little smaller than the first.

12) How long do the bonus hours last?

The bonus hours will begin June 7th and last until we reopen.

13) My hours worked from April 5th to May 29th will be lower than normal, are there any suggestions to make up a difference?

With any time frame, there were set to be people who had time off for one reason or another that would lower the baseline hours available to them.  We have to be a little flexible to solve this.  Ideally, the other restaurants are super busy and you can pickup extra hours there to make the difference.  For an employee who works 40 hours a week, but misses one week during the baseline period that would result in their average hours being 5 hours less than normal.  This employee would have to work 17.5 hours to earn the full 35 hours of pay.  They could work 5-7 more hours and then increase their pay up to their standard average.  In this example the employee would work 24.5 hours to receive their normal wages for 40 hours.  There may be some larger case by case challenges.  Please talk to Adam or Gabby if this is you.

14) Can I just apply for unemployment, then come back when we reopen?

You can always try.  I am not sure if you would be eligible.

15) What is my current average hours?

In order to calculate this, look at your paycheck stubs from the payroll beginning April 5th.  Add up all the hours worked from then to now and divide by the number of weeks.  that will give you an idea of the average hours at this point.  Once we pass the 29th of May we can provide you with a more exact number.

5/7/2021 - Initial People Plan and Survey

The long awaited remodel is approaching soon! Many of the facility challenges and capacity issues that we have been faced with will be addressed. When the project is finished we will return to a beautiful new updated restaurant with an expanded centerline kitchen, dual drive thru lanes with canopies, an attractive new dining room, and a redesigned front counter with an expanded drive thru cockpit! We will be one of the first and only restaurants with 4 open fryers for our Waffle Fries and 2 separate drink towers in the Drive Thru!  It is exciting!


However, all of these improvements do not come without some “pain” and inconveniences during the

construction process. Below I have outlined what we are anticipating. Please take note that these dates

could still change and are subject to many factors including but not limited to weather, permitting,

inspections, and construction schedules. Nonetheless, we are going to tentatively plan for the following:


  1. We will close around 3pm on Thursday, June 3.  We then have until Friday night to empty the store of all smallwares and food/paper goods, clean all equipment, and remove anything that isnt going to be thrown away.

  2. Construction will begin Saturday June 5. And if all goes well, then we will get the keys back in late August/Early September.

  3. Our Senior Director Team will each lead a small team to help us completely clear out the restaurant all of the food, supplies and smallwares, and small equipment under fifty pounds on Thursday June 3 and Friday June 4.

  4. The current plan has the same teams resetting the restaurant when that time comes.


We recognize that during the time the restaurant is closed we have a unique opportunity. Really it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to do some very special things as a business and we want to take FULL advantage of these 12 or so weeks we are closed.


One immediate question that may pop up for you probably concerns your pay, I know it would for me.  The initial plan is to offer everyone who wants it an opportunity to work at one of our three closest locations, Escondido, San Marcos, or Encinitas.  You would be hired by that location and receive a paycheck from them.  However, as a bonus, I would like to offer to match the hours worked at the other location up to a certain baseline.  That baseline would be equal to half of the average hours worked from April 5th to May 29th.   This plan could adjust based on the interest level from each of you, as well as any questions or input you have.  Please complete the survey at this link to provide your interest level, at this time your responses are not binding:


As we get closer to reopening we will also plan to have some different training classes to get us acquainted with the new systems we will have, as well as make sure we are all on the same page with the systems we will keep.  We also plan to have a few opportunities to get together for both fun and also to help serve our communities. 


More details will follow over the next few weeks, but the main thing for you to do now is to fill out the interest survey.  Lastly, there is a small chance that the closure could move as we are still waiting on a few items to be signed off by the city.  If guests ask about the remodel or closure, feel free to confirm that it is happening, but we don’t want to share the date until it is final.  Please reach out to myself, or any of our senior leaders if you have any questions.