Standard Operating Procedures

This is a list of step-by-step instructions that should be executed consistently my team members and leaders. 

Sanitizing Role

A team member in the sanitizing role is response to ensure the health and safety of team members and guests by completing the following list every 30 minutes and marking the appropriate checklist as "complete". If a team member is not assigned the sanitizing role the PIC is responsible for ensuring the completion of this clean every 30 minutes and this checklist must be completed during all businesses 30-minute-periods. 


Things to sanitize:

  1. Restroom door handles and restroom and FOH hand washing sink handles.  

  2. Guest contact areas

    1. Outside Meal Delivery trays (also mobile delivery trays, when used). 

    2. Third party and carry out order shelves. 

    3. Window cash bin and outside cash bin(s). 

  3. All bump bars.

  4. All insides team's hands and the Outside Meal Delivery Team member's hands.  

The Outside Lead is responsible for sanitizing iPads and iPOS team member's hands. 

Trash Runs

Trash runs should be completed before and after rushes and before either the cardboard transport or trash transport bin overflow. It is the responsibility of the Stocker to perform trash runs. If no Stocker is assigned, it is the responsibility of the PIC to delegate this task to a specific team member. 

Trash running checklist:

  1. Take waste and cardboard to trash area and put each item into appropriate waste bin. 

  2. Sweet the trash enclosure that encompasses the recycle bin, waste bins and grease trap. 

  3. Wash out any debris or smug from the bottom of the transport. 

  4. Sweep cage area. 

Disposing of boxes

Team members who are going to dispose of boxes should break down the box so it is as flat as possible. Soda boxes, bag-in-box or BIBs, should be cut with a box cutter so they can be flatted. The team member should stack cardboard so that is perpendicular to the floor in order to allow more cardboard to be stacked and to prevent the cardboard from falling over when it is taken to the dumpster. 


Cardboard disposal checklist: 

  1. Ensure cardboard is as flat as possible.

  2. Ensure cardboard is perpendicular to the floor. 

  3. Make it easy for the team member who going to take the trash out.  


Inside Lead

The inside Lead should be a Shift Leader or more qualified. This role is responsible ensure cars lead the drive-thru consistently. They are aiming for cars leave the line faster than they enter it.

Goal: This person is successful if they achieve car number set my the PIC and give out every order accurately. 

They are responsible for team members in the cockpit (window, headset, bagger) and outside meal delivery. They should coach, move and help team members in these positions in order to run a successful drive-thru. 

Off Menu items

A product is considered an off-menu item if there are approved procedures in Pathway (search “off menu” in Pathway or navigate to Resources > Additional Resources > Off-Menu Items to find a list of procedures). Operators have the discretion to serve or not serve off-menu items upon Customer request but should never promote. Because serving off-menu items is Operator choice and not chainwide, they will not appear on the Chick-fil-A® App.

Below is a list of items that can be served;

  • BLT Sandwich 

  • Veggie Wrap 

    • Grilled Cool Wrap with Pressure-Cooked fried chicken is NOT approved (substitute fried for grilled). There is not currently a procedure for this. 

  • Single-Fruit Custom Fruit Cup - CDLI exists for small only

  • Strawberry Lemonade 

  • Frosted Strawberry Lemonade 

  • Frosted Coffee with Cookies

    • $0.30 increase above current Frosted Coffee price

    • Once the “Topping – Cookie Crumbles” item is unlocked in EP, it will be displayed on the desserts screen next to the other desserts toppings and can be added to Frosted Coffee.

  • Frosted Coffee with Chocolate Syrup

    • $0.30 increase above current Frosted Coffee price

  • Spun Frosted Soda​

  • Icedream Float -  2 sizes

    • To ring in on POS, use the closest soda size to each clear cup size used, and add the CDLI.

  • Large Kale Crunch Side - use regular menu button

  • Chocolate Cookie Crumble Milkshake - use regular menu button

  • Scrambled Eggs 

  • Lettuce Wrap Sandwich (Protein Sandwich) 

  • Frosted Sunrise 

  • Yogurt Parfait NO Fruit  

  • Well-Done Hash Browns

  • Well-Done Waffle Potato Fries

  • Well-Done Chicken (Filets, Chick-n-Strips and Nuggets)

  • Meatless Hash Brown Scramble Burrito 

  • At Guest's request, create a Bacon Burrito by using all ingredients, including 4 half strips of bacon for the protein

  • Spicy Hash Brown Scramble Burrito 

  • Large Hash Brown 

    • 22 count served in medium tab box. 

  • Mac & Cheese with Bacon 

  • Take-Home Icedream 

  • Toasted Bun + Cheese

  • Chick-n-Minis (rolls only)

  • Chick-n-Minis + Cheese

  • Iced Coffee (No Ice)

  • Spicy Cool Wrap: price to match Original Cool Wrap