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Quarry Creek

Creating Enduring Influences

and Exceptional Experiences


What's New?

We have made some updates to the Discipline System. Click Here to review them.

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Caring Company

Every day we strive to be a company of caring people, and our greatest, collective aspiration is to inspire that same kind of care in others.


We want to be catalysts for kindness, holders of doors, hallway hello-ers, tray takers, beverage refreshers and encouragers of each other. We know the words “my pleasure” are most powerful when said with genuine care. And, we believe the way we treat all who cross our paths will not only continue to ensure our success… but also have a meaningful impact beyond our walls.


Truett shared, “One of the things I’m proud of is you, the people. We hear about a business failing or succeeding, but a business does not fail nor does it succeed. It’s the people who make the difference.”


It’s the people who make the difference. Every day, we each can make an impact, we can make a difference in the lives of everyone we meet.

Our caring company starts with each one of us.


We're not just in the chicken business,

we're in the people business

-S. Truett Cathy

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