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The form below is used to order new Chick-fil-A Team Style attire. For every 700 hours worked you qualify for your choice of a work shirt or pants.

  • Once any order is covered by hours worked, your hours balance restarts.

  • FOH qualify for shoes every year / BOH every 6 months

    • At time of qualifying if you choose to order shoes other than the basic issued, you will receive a $30 credit towards your shoe order​

  • Any cost of outerwear will be due in full.

  • If you only want to order if you qualify, please indicate that when entering the item. For example, you can type "if I qualify”. Gabby will reach out if you do not qualify to confirm that you would like your items ordered and understand you are responsible for the cost in full.

  • You may order items even if you do not qualify, the cost will be deducted from your paycheck when possible.

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