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How to Level up in FOH

Front Counter Positions

  • Order Taking​

  • Running​

  • Dining Room

Drive Thru Positions

  • Bagging

  • Window

  • Drinks and Desserts

Front Counter First

  • Front Counter positions are the first thing that you can work on mastering at Chick-Fil-A.

  • Each position is its own Level.

    • Level 1: Runner

    • Level 2: Dining room

    • Level 3: Order taking

Drive Thru Second

  • Drive-Thru positions are the next step in leveling up.

  • Each position is its own level.

    • Level 4: Drinks and Desserts

    • Level 5: Window

    • Level 6: Front Counter and Drive-Thru Bagging

How to Master Each Level and Become a Pro​

  • Follow Pathway procedures

  • Be able to teach and coach someone else in the role​

  • Be able to "clear the screen" for another team member

  • Demonstrate the SERVE model at all times

the serve model red and white.jpg

How Do I Level Up

  • Every person in a leadership role will be observing you when you work a position. When that person sees you doing well or struggling they will give you feedback to help you improve your skills at that level.

  • When a leader sees that you are a master at that position and capable of teaching and training someone else how to work that position, they will pass you at the level you are working on.


  • Every team member has their own personal checklist when they start working here.

  • A checklist consists of store knowledge we would like you to memorize and have ready at all times when you are working here.

  • The checklists is also where we input all the feedback we have after each time observing you in a position.

  • Once you have everything checked off on your own checklist for a specific level you will have passed that level.

Window and Bagging​

  • Once you have passed all Front Counter positions you may begin learning how to bag and hand food out at window. 

  • Ask any leaders in the store for opportunities to bag and be in the window. 

  • Once you know how to work each of those positions you can start working on your checklists.

Who Can Check you Off at Each Level?​

  • Anyone who is a Lead Trainer, a Shift Leader, a Manager, or a Director can pass you at each level.

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