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What should the PIC do during a power outage?

Why are there power outages in CA?

Extreme heat has caused many Californians to increase energy consumption and companies that produce California's power can't keep up with the demand. The California Independent System Operator has decided that intentionally turning off power to part of California for short amounts of time, rolling blackouts, will help to balance demand and production of energy. 

What should the PIC do about guests and orders if power is lost?

Our dining room is closed, but guest must exit the building during power outages.  

1) Inform guests about delay and prevents further cars from entering the drive-thru line.

2) Serve as many guests as possible. Fryers and grills no longer have power. Recommend alternative cold items if possible. 

3) Offer coupons to guests who don't receive their food as refunds are not possible on iPOS and POS's have lost power. 

4) Turn off Door Dash. Inform Adam since he is only one who has access to this. 

What should the PIC do about team members during a power outage?

Most power outages last between 1-2 hours so use that time to complete the following: 

1) Offer to send team members home whose shifts ends in the next 1-2 hours

2) Run breaks

3) Complete lists

4) Deep clean items in the store

What are other concerns the PIC should consider?

1) Keep fridges and freezers closed. If the blackout lasts too long and cold food is in the temperature danger zone too long, we will need to throw away that food. 

2) Managing 15-25 team members that don't have a specific role can be challenging. Think about delegating cleaning projects and assign break runners. 

3) Put up cones to block entrances to the drive-thru. 

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